lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

DAY 1 . 
Daily Report : Octavo B .
·         RONALD NIÑO: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking for Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple.
·         ALEXANDER MÁRQUEZ: Today we worked on the listening strategies and presented the parts and numbers of questions of each.  We also covered the reading, grammar.  Wrote and identified the differences between verbs and adjectives. The Speaking activity was to practice the expressions to start a conversations.
·         LEYDY PARRA: Students practiced reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through different exercises and activities.
·         JHON PEÑA: We had a dictation to improve reading and writing. We also practiced verbs in present, past, present progressive and past progressive.
MÚSICA: Empezamos a trabajar sobre la música del siglo XX por medio de la percusión corporal.
Thank you
High school teachers and Coordination

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